Why Are Crumbl Cookies So High In Calories?

Crumbl Cookies, with their exquisite aroma and enticing presentation, have swept over the dessert scene.

These oblong, gooey cookies are available in various flavors that will make anyone’s mouth wet.

But there is one question that many people have when they indulge in these sweet treats: why are Crumbl Cookies so high in calories?

In this article, we’ll look at why Crumbl Cookies have so many calories and whether there are any methods to enjoy them more thoughtfully.

Why Are Crumbl Cookies So High In Calories?

Cookies can have a lot of calories for a variety of reasons. Some of the variables that contribute to their high-calorie content are as follows:

1. Sugar

Most cookies contain a lot of sugar, which adds calories without offering much nutritious value. Sugar also leads to cookie addiction, making it difficult to stop eating them.

2. Fat

Many cookie recipes use fattening ingredients such as butter or oil, which can add a significant number of calories. Fat is also a dense calorie source, which means that a tiny amount can contribute a large number of calories to a dietary item.

3. Flour

Flour is a carbohydrate that offers energy in the form of cookies. White flour, on the other hand, is heavily processed and has less nutritious value than whole-grain flour. This means that white flour cookies may contain more calories and fewer nutrients than whole-grain flour cookies.

4. Portion Size

Cookies are usually consumed in large quantities, which can add up to a significant number of calories.

Because they don’t consider portion size, many people don’t understand how many calories they’re getting when they consume cookies.

All of these things contribute to the high-calorie content of Crumble Cookies. However, this does not preclude you from enjoying Crumbl Cookies as part of a healthy diet.

The idea is to keep portion sizes in mind, choose lower-calorie varieties, and enjoy them in moderation.

How Many Calories Are In Crumbl Cookies?

A typical Crumbl Cookie contains 500-600 calories per cookie. However, the exact calorie count varies depending on the flavor. However, the calorie counts for several popular varieties are as follows:

  • 560 calories per cookie, milk chocolate chip 
  • 520 calories per cookie, classic pink sugar 
  • S’mores cookies have 600 calories per cookie. 
  • 680 calories per cookie for raspberry cheesecake
  • 400 calories per cookie, Old Fashioned Doughnut

It’s worth noting that these calorie counts are for one entire cookie, whereas Crumbl Cookies normally list a serving size of 1/4 of a cookie. So, if you encounter Crumbl Cookies in a store, keep in mind that the calorie figure on the label is for 1/4 of a cookie. 

This means that eating an entire cookie will result in more calories than the nutritional information says. 

Nutritional Facts

                 Per 1/4 Cookie Per Whole Cookie

  • Calories 140 560
  • Total Fat 8g 31g
  • Cholesterol 25mg 100mg
  • Sodium 50mg 200mg
  • Total Carb 16g 64g
  • Protein 1g 5g

How To Make Crumbl Cookies?


All-Purpose Flour: This recipe calls for AP flour. Don’t divide the flour with the measuring cup; instead, measure it with a spoon and a leveler.

Brown and white sugar: This recipe calls for both brown and white sugar. You don’t have to use both, but it’s highly advised for the greatest cookie texture. 

Chocolate Chips: The brand you select is entirely up to you, however Guittard milk chocolate chips or Nestle chocolate chips are ideal for this recipe.

Softened Salted Butter: You can use butter without salt instead, however adding a bit of salt to the dough. Make sure it’s at room temperature so it can readily combine.

Cornstarch: This contributes to the chewy, thick texture of the perfect cookie.

Vanilla Extract: A whole tablespoon of vanilla is called for in this recipe, and the best taste comes from pure vanilla extract. In this recipe, you can replace the vanilla extract with almond extract.

Powdered Sugar Frosting: Use this icing to give some color to your Crumbl cookies. It’s perfect to top them with our Powdered Sugar Frosting Recipe.


1. To make cleanup easier, line your cookie sheets with parchment paper. Next, beat together the butter and both sugars in a large mixing basin for at least 5 minutes, scraping down the sides as needed.

2. Stir in the vanilla extract and large eggs. Mix for another two minutes or until well blended.

3. Whisk together the dry ingredients (flour, cornstarch, baking powder, salt, and baking soda) in a separate dish.

4. Gently fold the flour mixture into the wet ingredients.

5. Stir in 2 cups chocolate chips.

6. For each cookie dough ball, use 12 cup of cookie dough. This cookie scoop is over half a cup.

7. Form the dough into a ball, squish it slightly, and top with a couple extra chocolate chips. Lay the dough balls out on a cookie sheet. Try not to overcrowd them; no more than 6 should be on a pan.

Before you bake the cookie dough balls, put them in the fridge for an hour to make sure they don’t spread out too much. The best results come from chilling the dough.

8. Preheat the oven to 375°F. Bake the cookies for 15 minutes on prepared baking pans, then inspect them. They should be gold but not gleaming. If they are not completely baked, they may require a few more minutes.

9. Allow them to cool on the baking sheet for 15 minutes before transferring them to a wire rack to chill completely before decorating! If desirable, add or pipe icing onto the cookie tops using a piping bag.

Are Crumbl Cookies Good For You?

Crumbl Cookies are a delicious treat, but they are not a healthy dietary option. They contain a lot of calories, sugar, and fat.

These components are not necessarily unhealthy in moderation, but when consuming Crumbl Cookies, it is vital to be cautious of portion size and frequency.

The high calorie count of Crumbl Cookies is due to their size, high-quality ingredients, generous garnishes, and delicious sweetness. These cookies may not be an everyday indulgence for those watching their calorie consumption, but they are a delightful treat for special occasions or as a treat. Remember, it’s all about balance and relishing the sweet moments of life.

Thanks for reading. I hope you find it helpful.

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